Safety in production is everyone's responsibility 2019-03-25

Source: fluorine in southwest China

What is security? Safety is to love and protect people's lives from damage. Security is a kind of dignity, it is a respect for others, but also for their own respect. Security is a civilization, the progress of The Times, the development of society and the improvement of the overall quality of people. Safety is the harbor of life happiness. With security, there is joy and warmth, with security, will have a beautiful life.

What does security depend on? Safety depends on a sense of responsibility, in every minute of the work, every second, security risks at any time may be like a ferocious beast open mouth, staring at our fragile flesh, paralysis of our nerves. Only strengthen the sense of safety, enhance the sense of responsibility, safety production is not threatened, only enhance the sense of responsibility, safety is guaranteed, life will be beautiful.

Therefore, the "seal" in the heart of security, we must adhere to the sacred duty. The safety in the heart, tightens security this string, for safety production, safety management, safety work earnestly implement to the feet, grabbed from around things, to destroy all the hidden danger in possible before germination, let's all work of the production, management and are under a safe environment, to make our lives more smile and happy.

As for safety in production, maybe some of us have always thought that safety and production are equal, but now we know that safety is more important, first should be safety in production, then safety in production. We are workers in the front line of production, our production is related to the lifeblood of national construction, so not because of safety and missed production, not because of production and missed safety, production and safety for us, for our country, are the same important. The production stagnation caused by safety is an irreparable loss for the enterprise, while the safety problem caused by production is terrible for our factory, our colleagues and all of us.

Safety is a simple wish in my heart. Want to do well safety, accomplish safety to be produced truly, production must safety, besides strict according to each safe operation regulation outside the job, the most important bit wants namely "oneself control oneself". Accidents are often found in work distracted, thought slip, illegal operations under the circumstances. Gave an accident, the unit suffers a loss to do not say, oneself are subjected to the suffering of flesh and skin lightly, lack arm little leg badly badly badly, did not have even the life, the family bears misery and misfortune for you even. Life is beautiful, the family is warm, why for a moment of error, a momentary error, pay such a heavy price? To this end, but also to repeat the sentence: "if you cherish your life, please control yourself."

Ideological work is the source of all work, we only from the ideological awareness, in order to make the work of the colorful. The same is true for safety production. We should let everyone realize the importance of safety production to the production activities of a factory and an industry, and the importance of safety production to life and family. This seems to be a very simple thing to say, but it may be difficult to do, because everyone has their own inertia, at the beginning may really realize how important this problem is, but a long time will produce paralysis, relax, the problem is out at this time. So, it also requires that we accept more ideological education, requires that we constantly to recharge my batteries, continuously strengthen the ideological understanding, always remind ourselves at work, always give yourself to alarm, careful analysis risk precontrol, only this string taut, to fundamentally solve the problem of the consciousness of all activities.

"The responsibility for security is greater than mount tai! Yes, this responsibility is not only related to our enterprise, but also closely related to ourselves! We need to know that without security, business development is out of the question. There is no security, no survival for us as individuals; Without security, our happiness, where does our future come from? For the sake of our business, for the sake of our family, for the sake of ourselves, please put your safety thought firmly established. I believe that as long as everyone do love their work, loyal to their duties, firmly establish a sense of safety, we will be able to put a good safety!