Application field and characteristics of environmental protection cold coal R410A 2019-03-20

Source: refrigeration express

   R410A is a new kind of environmental protection refrigerant, which does not damage the ozone layer. The working pressure is about 1.6 times of the ordinary R22 air conditioner, and the refrigeration (heating) efficiency is higher.

Improve the performance of air conditioning, do not destroy the ozone layer. R410A new refrigerant is composed of two quasi-azeotropic mixtures, mainly composed of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon (represented as HFC), which is stable, non-toxic and has superior performance. At the same time because does not contain the chlorine element, therefore will not react with the ozone, will not destroy the ozone layer either. In addition, the use of new refrigerant air conditioning performance will also be certain to improve. R410A is by far the most suitable refrigerant internationally recognized as a substitute for R22, which has been popularized in Europe, America, Japan and other countries.  

R-410a, as a medium and high temperature refrigerant widely used today, is mainly used in household air conditioners, small and medium-sized commercial air conditioners (small and medium-sized unit air conditioners, household central air conditioners, multi-on-line air conditioners), mobile air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerated dryers, Marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration and other refrigeration equipment.              R410A refrigerant is the best and final alternative to freon R22 for newly installed refrigerating equipment (usually air conditioning). But because of R410A and R22 pressure different pressure was much higher than that of R22, R410A) and compressor oil are not the same, and so for die erste installation for R22 refrigerant refrigeration equipment after-sales maintenance, if need to add or replace refrigerants, still can add R22, usually cannot directly with R410A to replace R22 (that is usually not the type of replacement can be change; However, for the refrigeration equipment installed with R410A, R22 can be directly replaced by R410A during maintenance or replacement.  

R410A replacement in the main international market of global trends and prospects of usage and dynamic R410A physical properties data of entering the international market, is a kind of mixed refrigerant, it is by the R32 (methylene fluoride) and R125 (5 fluorine ethane) consisting of a mixture, its advantage is that can be used according to the specific requirements, for a variety of properties, such as flammability, capacity, exhaust gas temperature and efficiency into consideration, tailored to synthesize a kind of refrigerant. R410A appearance not cloudy, colorless, volatile, boiling point 51.6 ℃, freezing point - 155 ℃; Its main features are: 


(1) do not destroy the ozone layer. Its molecular formula does not contain chlorine element, so its ozone layer destruction potential value (ODP) is 0. The global warming potential (GWP) is less than 0.2.

(2) extremely low toxicity. The allowable concentration is the same as R22, which is 1000ppm.

(3) non-combustible. Flammable polarity in air is 0.

(4) high chemical and thermal stability

(5) water solubility is almost the same as that of R22.

(6) is a mixed refrigerant, composed of two refrigerants

(7) not soluble with mineral oil or alkyl benzene oil. (soluble with POE[ester lubricant], PVE[ether lubricant])